“See some people spend their whole lives searching for their purpose when I’ve discovered mine at the age of 27. I can now say I fully understand what my purpose is in life which is to give unto others and teach them the importance of financial literacy.” Nicka Johnson

Nicka Johnson is dedicated to working alongside her clients to break barriers and build futures. With this goal in mind she created Budget to Success where the belief is only you can define your level of success through budgeting, savings, and credit.

Nicka grew up in a single-parent home with a repeated cycle of teenage pregnancy at the age of 16. Very early on, she learned while her family dynamics may shape who she is, they won’t determine who she will become. She was adamant about breaking the cycle and creating a better quality of life for herself and the people around her.

In 2018, she began using her social media platforms to teach the importance of budgeting, savings, and credit. Her purpose is to equip clients with the tools and resources to bridge the economic gap.

Often times we wait until the last minute to get our finances in order. We avoid the uneasy conversations that often leads to living paycheck to paycheck, job loss, divorce, bankruptcy, and so many more unfortunate events. It’s time to be proactive and not reactive about our finances.

Once you obtain financial freedom and stability, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish in your life. I have made it my priority to support you in acknowledging and working through your emotional baggage about money and finances itself. By changing the narrative and dynamics of people’s lives I understand my purpose in life.

Lets’ get comfortable in talking about the things that makes us comfortable. I am Nicka Johnson and I bring to you Budget to Success.